Gabulova Tarana Zafail

     Gabulova . .,
Страницы:8-15      Язык:  lorem    DOI:10.33514/BK-1694-7711-2023-1(1)-8-15

The article describes the problem of creativity of the ashugs of Nakhchivan, which has an ancient history, as well as the peculiarities of the literary milieu, in which this creativity was formed. Of course, the ashug milieu of Nakhchivan was part of the Azerbaijani ashug environment, which which was formin and becoming on the basis of ancient Turkic thought. Ashug milieu is the largest and most diverse branch of Turkic folklore, in this sense, it is able to more clearly express the various aspects and sides of national mental thinking. Proceeding from the peculiarities of the Nakhchivan ashug art has been determined the place and significance of this literary milieu in the Azerbaijani ashug art. Nakhchivan ashugs left a rich creative heritage. This heritage was formed in the ancient cultural centers of the East, such as Nakhchivan, where the arts, including music, successfully developed. One of the leading spheres that created its own cultural tradition here was ashug art. The creativity of the Nakhichevan ashugs was one of the rich pages of the Turkic culture. The Ashug milieu of Nakhchivan is classified here by region. Representatives of this creativity did not remain only within Nakhchivan, they actively forged literary ties with other ashug milieus of Azerbaijan. In particular, these ties were stronger with the Iravan, Daralayaz, Urmi milieus of Azerbaijani ashug art. In terms of its characteristics, the Nakhchivan ashug environment differed little from neighboring musical environments. Creativity of Nakhchivan amateurs is regarded as a relevant scientific research. One of the main conclusions is that the cultural heritage of the Nakhchivan ashugs is not fully collected. Therefore, although much work has been done in the field of collecting this heritage, it must be continued.

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